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A Tree Could Be (2019)

ISBN - 978-1-7347231-0-6 (Hardcover)


Griffin follows his heart as he goes on a hike in the forest next to his house. Wandering down the path, he begins to notice and understand how valuable trees really are to our survival, from helping us breathe to acting as a habitat for countless critters that bring a forest to life. 


Explore the forest and all the things a tree could be along with our hero, and find out how easy it is to make a difference yourself in this beautifully illustrated children's book! 

cover flat.jpg
Color Me Blue (2022)

ISBN 978-1-7347231-2-0 (Hardcover)

Greenleigh Sue discovers the potential of color by creatively using 
crayons of every hue. After losing her favorite blue crayon, she wonders if stretching reality with other colors might create more unusual and inspiringart. 

Color outside the lines with our little artist as she learns about using the power of light and imagination to sketch her new favorite masterpiece.

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